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Ha Phuong Ly is a Vietnamese-American illustrator based in Southern California. She also currently teaches drawing and painting at an art studio, where she works with children, teens, and adults of all ages. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a BFA in Illustration. She holds a great passion for all things cute and an ardent love for visual storytelling. She aims to inspire, comfort, and uplift through her illustrations, as art has so often done for her throughout her life. She hopes to spread empowering messages of growth, diversity, and positivity through her visual narratives.

Growing up as a timid child of immigrants, Ha found a wonderful refuge and comfort in the world of art and literature. Books and animated shows/films provided a treasure trove of fantastical worlds she had yet to explore. And yet she always sought more stories and characters that resonated with her own experiences. Now, representation of diverse experiences is an indispensable goal of hers as a creator and visual storyteller. She is constantly looking back at her young self for inspiration, wondering what would've really meant the world to that shy little girl—and so many others like her today.



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